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Wedding it is your story


Wedding is the most exciting day in your life. Havoc, apprehension,
emotions and thrill. And you, you both shining like diamonds in the
very middle of that all. So many things happening around. You want
to see everything, remember everything and miss nothing what has

Is tahat possible? Oh yes. It is indeed.
Having a dedicated, devoted photographers like us will let you have
all the emotions and memories captured forever.
We will be your “eyes”. We will show you not only how you amazing looked
and what you have been doing that unique day but we will tell you all the story
about your wedding. About things you may not seen, being foccused on each other.
We will tell you the story showing emotions of your parents and siblings, friends, guests
and all people involved. We will tell you about your emotions.
We will tell you how happiness can make you shinning.

Hiring us and choosing wedding package you can have

• A pre-wedding meeting or Skype video conference.
• Full day coverage from bridal preparation through to the first dance (10 hours).
• An optional pre-wedding photo shoot so you can get used to the camera.
• A DVD with 200+  individually edited images as high resolution JPEG’s.
• Acces to on-line gallery for you and your guests.
• A social media set of 50 images so you can quickly upload your photos to Facebook, Twitter or Google+
• A High Definition slideshow of your day to play on your  phone, tablet, computer or TV.
• Our travel costs covered up to 50 miles from Manchester.

We also offer high quality wedding albums and photo books.


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Wedding Day will be probably one of the most exciting days in your life.Flutter, excitement and you both in the very centre of all that events.